Polycom RMX 1500 IP only 5HD720p/10SD/15CIF




the RMX 1500 IP only 5HD720p / 10SD / 15CIF resource configured & licensed system, equipped with one ( 1) the S-MPMx card the Media the Processing the Module.

The H.264 Technology High Profile – saves bandwidth
Polycom UltimateHD ™ – video, audio and high-definition content
for multihomed support – IP (H.323, SIP), PSTN, and ISDN on the basis of a single chassis
Easy, secure access from anywhere – multi-level web-management
Videoconferencing at any time as needed – are constantly included virtual conference rooms
Polycom Lost Packet Recovery (LPR) – technology to recover lost packets
best offer on the cost of the call – dynamic resource allocation or fixed performance capabilities

2 subscriber HD1080p HD720p subscribers = 5 = 10, SD = 15 subscribers CIF subscribers. The allocation of resources is carried out in real time.

The Video How it works Support

the Native the Microsoft of RTV How it works Support
the H.261, H.263, H.263 ++, the H.264 the High Profile User
the Up to 60: second The per the frames
the From the QCIF to the HD 1080p Resolutions Including an intermediary (of SIF, the CIF , 4CIF, the SD, the WSD, and the HD 720p)
the Up to the HD 1080p in continuous presence (the CP) the transcoding (the TX)
16: 9 and 4: 3 ratio the aspect
H.239 resolution the content sharing (H.263 / the H.264): a VGA, the SVGA, the XGA, the HD
the Polycom the People + the Content
the Content to the non-H.239 and H.239 endpoints of
the Polycom the video the Clarity ™ technology to sharpen an upscale video and

the Audio How it works Support

G.711a / u, the G.722, G.722.1C, G.722.1, G.723.1, Add G.719 G.729A, and Polycom Siren ™ 14 and Siren 22 (in stereo or mono The)
the IVR prompts for auto attendance
the User ‘managed and the mute control
the DTMF support
the Echo and keyboard noise suppression
the Audio to the Clarity sharpen and upscale audio


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